translated from Spanish: Francisco Saavedra tells the advice he gave Belloni

When Ernesto Belloni was already applauded on Tuesday night at the Viña Festival, he approached Francisco Saavedra to thank his advice.
Although he says he was surprised by the gesture, Channel 13’s face confesses that he advised the comedian, because he admires his career. «I had a great friend who died, who was a transformer of those, Francis Francoise, and always told me how important Belloni had been to the career of many transformers in the military dictatorship, that he gave them work,» he told today.
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Saavedra recounted that he saw Belloni’s routine before and gave him a couple of tips that «had to do with respect and not betraying its essence.» «I said ‘you’re a person who opened up spaces for the LGBT community and nowadays don’t laugh at them,’ he added.
Although Belloni took two seagulls, the animator believes «he got overited» and says he saw him «nervous.» «I like the picaresque routine much more, » he opined. «In the end I think people are exaggerating, one thing is respect but let’s understand that it’s all within a theatrical, humorous context,» he added.
And while it gives it the point that he «used the contingency,» there’s one thing Saavedra thinks was a mistake: naming Daniel Zamudio. «I think he didn’t do it with bad intention, I think he wanted to talk about the Zamudio Law and he got tangled up,» he said.
Friends and juries

The animator, who on March 7 will premiere the eighth season of «Places That Speak», is a jury of the competitions of Viña, a role that has been «very pleasant». «We’re going to stay connected forever,» he said of his fellow jurors, with whom he told them they have a Whatsapp group and that they will «stick a reel» today.
He clarified that he did not put a 1 to the participant of Chile in the international competition, as was seen on TV on Tuesday night. «There was a mistake, on the same screen Luciano Pereyra comes out putting an 8,» he said, explaining that the maximum note is a 7 and he put a 6 to Vicente Cifuentes.

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