translated from Spanish: Journalist reports aggression; AMLO replies «the best thing is to forgive us»

The journalist Isabel González, of Grupo Imagen, asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for protective measures, after one of the attendees of the morning conference told him «I hope they give you a bullet».
«It encourages me to be a hate crime that’s not worth it, there’s an irrefutable video (…) I ask for the protection of the Secretary of the Interior because he was the same guy who called all the companions you met information prostitutes several months ago.»
The representative replied that it is best to seek a reconciliation, «you can, why not forgive each other, if we are not going to continue to promote these kinds of things that the truth, the truth is not at all pleasant.»
«It is apologising for the crime, Mr President, and that is not forgiven or reconciled,» the reporter replied.
López Obrador argued that if there can be no reconciliation, go to the judicial bodies, «I would only ask them here out of respect for the people who see us, that we do not fight here».
«We will not be able to limit anyone’s freedom. Here I do apply the liberals: the press is regulated with the press, the media is regulated by the media, journalists regulate themselves with journalists. I can even the conciliation instance. Hugs,» he said.

«The press is regulated by the press (…) I can even the conciliation instance. Hugs,» @lopezobrador_ says to a reporter’s complaint about another reporter’s threats.
— (@Pajaropolitico) March 5, 2020

López Obrador asked not to promote hatreds and not to incite violence.
«I hope they respect each other, they will love each other. Love and peace, really, not hating.»
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