translated from Spanish: The Frankfurt Motor Show changes headquarters

Times change and the format of car salons as well. Previously, brands presented their great firsts to both the press and the public. That day was expected with anxiety and anticipation. However, it is no longer what it was. Sometimes it is said that the past time was better and those who support them will have their arguments. The concrete thing is that it is about different eras and context. That’s why brands changed their communication and interest in salons is being lost.

Some of the firms are absent because of the high costs, an investment that ends up using other communication actions that, dosed throughout the year, give it a greater impact because they do not compete with other releases. There are salons that are no longer performed, as is the case of Buenos Aires, and others that were forced to stop by the advance of the coronavirus. This is the case in Geneva and Beijing. Others change their names, such as the one in Madrid, which is now Mobility Car Experience.And others change venues, as is the case with the German reference motoring room, which to date will be held in Frankfurt. But from the next edition, in 2021, he will move to Munich.

This change will lead to the event, renamed IAA Mobility, to go from an automobile platform to a mobility platform, with the aim of making the host town a smart urban hub. The termination of the contract linking the salon at the Frankfurt trade fair allowed the German Automotive Industry Association to opt for a change of venue and format. The previous one had shown signs of exhaustion in its last editions, with a reduction in the number of public and attending brands. In this note:

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