translated from Spanish: March 7: 21st years after the first Racing Swell Day

As the Super League between River and Boca is finished, March 7 becomes a day for Racing Club fans again, who celebrate their day again. But what is the story of this celebration? In 1999, the “Academy” was going through the worst economic crisis it had in its history and the club was bankrupt, which led to a judicial intervention and a phrase by the trustee in charge of the club, Liliana Ripoll, that hurt the hearts of the fans: “R has ceased to exist acing Club Civil Association”.

The words had to do with the order of the Chamber of Appeals of La Plata to have ordered the liquidation of the club’s assets, and for this reason, in the midst of the start of the 1999 Opening Tournament, Racing could not contest the first date before Talleres de Córdoba which was in the Cilind Ro. However, with Ripoll’s endorsement, the doors of Racing Stadium opened on Sunday 7 March but no match was to be played. Despite this, some 30 thousand fans, some players such as Claudio Ubeda, Fernando ‘Teté’ Quiroz and the coach of that time, Gustavo Costas, were present.
Finally, a few days later, the Camera cleared the bug and Racing was able to continue playing. The struggle to lift the bankruptcy lasted 10 years until 2008. In 2009, the leadership officialized March 7 as Racing Swell Day in honor of those who, not in the bad way, left the club. Today, the Avellaneda team lives another time after being awarded champion twice in 2019 and having the club balanced financially. However, all that generation that lived in the 80′ and 90′ remembers with pain that tragic time, but also enjoys seeing the rebirth of a huge club.

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