translated from Spanish: Torch Peasant takes road Los Mochis-El Fuerte

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- Using the students of the Felipe Bachomo high school, members of The Peasant Torch blocked the mochis-El Fuerte road on Wednesday to demand the rehabilitation of this school. The spokesperson for this organization in the north of the state of Sinaloa, Julio Guadalupe Valdez Bacasegua, indicated that this demonstration is against the mayor of El Fuerte, Nubia Ramos Carvajal whom he noted that he had not fulfilled the campaign promises that were made with this Organization.

This demonstration is due to the lack of attention on the part of President Nubia Ramos Carvajal as a minute of the construction of roofs, houses and a pedestrian bridge had been signed and so far they have not been fulfilled

He mentioned that to date the president has not supported them in any way and noted that the Federation and the state government are wrong to remove support for organizations because money does not pass within them.» In Torch there is no corruption and it is made up of students, workers, peasants, housewives. By torch no money passes, when the appeal arrived it reached the state government and they themselves applied the appeal and in case there were moches as the president of the Republic says it was the same states that stayed with them.» For her part, the president of El Fuerte, Nubia Ramos Carvajal, indicated by telephone that formal requests should be made and nothing should be done by shouting or force.
We built them a classroom and gave them pantries in those communities. If you want props that come to my office, nothing will be screaming or forcing

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