translated from Spanish: Paola Rojas stays in coronavirus isolation

After her working colleague, Odalys Ramirez, tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), driver Paola Rojas remains isolated, as she is probably also a carrier of the virus, as she lived very closely with the infected one. News of the driver’s preventive isolation was given by journalist Danielle Dithurbide, who took her place on Rojas’ newscast due to the protocol that follows after being suspected of the new coronavirus.

We’re here for prevention. She (Paola) has had contact, because practically every day with Odalys Ramirez, who started with some flu symptoms, the COVID-19 test has already been performed. We are waiting for the results, and we are sure that they will soon be with you back and with good news,” the reporter revealed.

Let us remember that today it was also confirmed that driver Odalys Ramirez tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) and made use of her official Instagram account to share it with her followers via a video.
Hello everyone, yesterday I took the COVID-19 test and came out positive, I am already isolated taking all the measures with this new information, subject to that I have been very careful for 3 weeks”, he began.

After the bad news, actor Patricio Borghetti came this morning to undergo the corresponding studies.
Well, with the novelty that Oda came positive in Coronavirus, I’m going to the hospital to do the test myself, the doctor said that I had to assume that I have it too, but well, for a matter of being certain and giving a little more clarity to the matter I’m going to get tested for me.”

Now the celebrity is waiting for his results to confirm that he is effectively also infected.

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