translated from Spanish: After years of neglect, Clínica Auñoa will function as a coronavirus emergency hospital

After years of abandonment, the Clinic will be enabled as a field hospital, in the midst of the crisis facing the country by the coronavirus pandemic, which already adds up to more than 1000 infected.
The enclosure – built at the beginning of the last decade and promised to be a large health center for the commune of Uñoa – will serve to arrive patients who do not need to be connected to mechanical ventilation, but who do need constant care due to covid-19 , the newspaper El Mercurio reported on Thursday.
Mayor Andrés Zarhi told the morning that the compound was ready to be opened in May, moving the Salvador Bustos cesfam there, but that it was finally decided to delay its opening due to the health emergency.
«We decided to postpone the transfer of our people in order to collaborate with beds and infrastructure in the midst of this pandemic, considering that we have a commune with a significant number of older adults,» Zarhi said.
The community chief said the site is ready to start operating and is only waiting to receive the necessary inputs for covid-19 treatment. He even noted that he was informed that the beds have already been purchased.
The authority added that this option was possible after the establishment was transferred to the Ministry of Health, «previous efforts that I made at the time with the then minister (Emilio) Santelices».
On the other hand, the Municipality of Auñoa announced the opening of two new communal pharmacies to prevent the displacement of the elderly.

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