translated from Spanish: UNAM veterinarians clarify whether your pets could pass you covid-19

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Morelia, Michoacán.- Specialists from the Veterinary Hospital of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have broken down rumors that pets, such as cats or dogs, may be a focus of COVID-19 coronavirus infection.
«The fur of pets does not pose any risk of COVID-19 contagion, since it has not been possible to verify that the virus adversely affects other species as it is for humans,» UNAM institute said in a statement.
He explained that animals had not had any symptomatology in relation to coronavirus, so it has not been proven whether it affects them in the same way as humans.

«Contrary to ideas that suggest that the fur of dogs and cats could be a red focus for the retention and spread of Covid-19 coronavirus, this is by no means a contagion factor of this disease between humans and pets.» explained Fausto Reyes Delgado, director of UNAM-Banfield Veterinary Hospital.
The expert called it false that the coronavirus can adhere to the fur of animals, since tests and studies carried out on the virus show that it is very difficult to move and mobilize on rough surfaces, such as fur of dogs and cats.
In contrast, the COVID-19 can be better adapted to smooth surfaces and can contaminate them more quickly, he argued.

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