translated from Spanish: Trump will help Spain but warned: «We’re not sending too much material until we’re over-excess»

U.S. President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will help Spain in the fight against coronavirus and facilitate the arrival of health equipment in our country but has warned that it will be when there is an «excess» in the US country.» We’re not going to start sending too much – health equipment – until we have an excess of certain things,» Trump said at the press conference of the coronavirus task force at the White House.The US president has indicated that the United States distribute the «extra material» to other countries in the world such as Spain, which, he has said, «has been hit hard» by the coronavirus, with 9,053 deaths and more than 102,000 infected.» We also need a lot for ourselves, we’re focused on that,» Trump said of the U.S. industry’s effort to manufacture key equipment like fans. The US president announced this week that he would donate equipment to Spain, Italy and France, after receiving supplies from several countries, including China and Russia.» What we are committed to doing, we will,» reaffirmed the Us President, who has been convinced that America will «soon» have «many more» fans than it can use, «even after we store for future catastrophes.» Soon we’ll have more respirators than we’ll need. We’re making thousands of them, but it takes a while,» Trump has settled, who stressed that he shares the need «for all of us to help everyone.» Trump extended social estrangement measures in the United States on Sunday to try to reduce the number of coronavirus contagions until April 30. In this regard, the US president has insisted that the next 30 days are «vital» in flattening the spread curve. The United States is the country where Covid-19 disease is spreading the fastest, with a new record 26,400 cases per day. The death toll exceeds 4,400, while those affected exceed 200,000.

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