translated from Spanish: Sanders hands over to Joe Biden for US presidential

Democratic coach Bernie Sanders on Monday expressed his endorsement of Joe Biden in the November presidential race. Both appeared on a live broadcast, where the Vermont senator shared a screen with the former vice president. Shortly before, via Twitter, Sanders had posted a message: “We must unite to defeat the most dangerous president in modern history.”
In the shared broadcast, the leader of the Democratic Party’s most progressive wing called on all sectors of the country. “I ask all Americans, I ask every Democrat, I ask each independent, I ask many Republicans, to be together in this campaign to support their candidacy (Biden’s), which I support myself,” Sanders said.
The decision of Sanders, who a few days ago had reported that he would not remain in the race to represent the Democratic Party, is a twist that gives new air to Biden’s candidacy and should serve to unite a party divided by internal ideological ruptures. Both candidates, for example, clashed during the campaign in central areas, such as the establishment of a universal health system.
Different from 2016
Sanders’ open endorsement contrasts with the party’s long 2016 dispute with Hillary Clinton, who was eventually the party’s nominee for that year’s presidential election. Sanders supported Clinton, but only after a long dispute that spread to the Democrats’ summer convention. This time, however, the senator opted for haste, and explained his reasons.
“It’s no secret that you and I have our differences,” he explained. But he added that now the main challenge is to defeat Trump. “We have to make Trump a one-term president. And I’m going to do everything in my power to do it,” he said. “Your support means a lot,” replied Biden, who called his former “the most powerful voice for a more just and supportive country.”

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