translated from Spanish: who will benefit from the new rule

The Amnesty Act, which will benefit from the release of people who did not commit serious crimes and people in extreme vulnerability, enters into force on Thursday.
The decree of the Amnesty Law, signed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was published on Wednesday in the evening edition of the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF).
Beneficiaries shall be persons who have been prosecuted or given a final judgment, in the courts of the federal order, provided that they are not repeat offenders of the crime for which they are committed or sentenced.
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Here are the conditions for accessing the benefits of this law, passed on Monday by the Senate:
Women accused of abortion crime in any form provided for in the Federal Criminal Code: 
-When the mother is implored to terminate the pregnancy 
-Where doctors, surgeons, midwives or midwives, or other authorized health service personnel, who have assisted in the termination of pregnancy, are impeded, provided that the criminal conduct has been carried out without violence and with the consent of the mother 
-When relatives are implored to assist the mother in the termination of pregnancy
Charged with health offences:  
-If the person who committed it is in poverty, or extremely vulnerable because of its exclusion and discrimination status. For having a permanent disability, or when the crime has been committed at the direction of your spouse, concubinary or concubine, sentimental partner, blood relative or by affinity without limitation of degree, or for well-founded fear, as well as who has been forced by organized crime groups to commit the crime.
-If you belong to an indigenous or Afro-Mexican people or community and are in one of the above conditions.
-Consumers who had narcotics in their possession in quantities greater than two so many at the maximum dose of personal and immediate consumption and provided that it was not for distribution or sale purposes.
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Indigenous people who have not had interpreters or defenders who have knowledge of their language and culture during their process
Charged with simple robbery without violence and not meriting a sentence of more than 4 years in prison.
Accused of the crime of sedition, or because they have invited, instigated or incited the commission of this crime, forming part of groups driven by political reasons, provided that it is not terrorism, and that there is no private life, or caused serious injury to another person or have been used or used firearms. 
Those who won’t benefit
Legislation shall not benefit those who have committed crimes against bodily life or integrity or those who have committed the crime of kidnapping, or where firearms have been used in the commission of the crime.
For the evaluation of applications to be beneficiaries of this Act, the Federal Executive shall create a “Commission” responsible for coordinating compliance acts and monitoring the application of this benefit to determine “the provenance of the benefit” and subsequently it is the federal judge who “resolves the grant of amnesty”.
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