translated from Spanish: Coronavirus in Villa 31: of the 39 tests, 30 tested positive

30 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the 31st Ward of Retiro, in which 39 tests were carried out, in a joint operation of the authorities of Buenos Aires and the Nation, indicated today a statement from the Government of the City.

According to the report, on Tuesday, May 5, nine positive and seven negative diagnoses were detected, so the result was expected of 23 samples that had been sent to the Malbrán Institute. Finally, it was known that 21 were positive with coronavirus.” On Tuesday, the City swabed a total of 39 people, after evaluating 496 residents of Ward 31. Today, while health work continues and seven other people have already been made,” the City Government’s statement said.

Ward 31, Retiro, one of the most vulnerable to the advance of COVID-19

The nine patients diagnosed were transferred to Durand Hospital to comply with isolation, and prevent the virus from continuing to spread the virus. As the Télam agency, the health operation carried out yesterday in Ward 31, was “an active search for close contacts of confirmed cases and also of people with febrile cadters, knocking door to door and talking to each neighbor to ask if they had or knew people with symptoms compatible with COVID-19.” We are going house by house, the idea is to find people with symptoms referred to the Covid and move them” to a mobile center installed in the neighborhood “where the swab is done”, he mentioned to Télam, Gabriel Battistella, in charge of the operation DETeCTAr (Strategic Testing Device for Coronavirus in Argentina)In this note:

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