translated from Spanish: Duel of football leagues: MLS vs Chinese Super League

The percentage of fans who follow Major League Soccer (MLS) in the US – 31 percent – is higher than the public seen by the Chinese Super League (CLS) in China – 21.2 percent – according to a study published by Brand Finance.La MLS, according to this analysis, achieved a higher score on the metrics of familiarity and preference in the European markets surveyed.

The Chinese League, on the other hand, following in the wake of investments in signings has more financial muscle than the American one, which includes franchises in Canada.To get the latest news about coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space and we will send you the information instantly. The study, which has taken into account eleven variables such as the roots in each country, the atmosphere in the stadiums, having world-class players or the interest generated, among others, concludes that the MLS is rated considerably higher than the CSL by their respective local audiences. On the other hand, the CSL is the fastest growing football league in the world, taking into account the investment in renowned signings. In addition, the study concludes that “while both leagues are less developed than the European elite, both have shown such growth to date that it is certainly difficult to predict where they will be in five years.” 

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