translated from Spanish: Found opinions of MPs before MORENA proposal for INEGI to access assets

Morelia, Michoacán.- Deputies of the LXXIV Legislature of the Congress of Michoacán, commented on the proposal made by the national leader of Morena, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, to grant oversight powers to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), and with this allow pollsters to enter Mexican households, in order to “measure wealth”.
In separate interviews, the deputies of the Parliamentary Group of Morena (GPMORENA), Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla and Antonio Madriz Estrada, divided the meaning of their comments; on the one hand, the Chairman of the Board of Directors defended the proposal by mentioning that it would be a measure to justify the origin of goods that politicians and “other sectors” have not accredited.
For his part, Ramírez Bedolla, touched the issue as a “slip” by the national leader of Morena, even declared that when the proposal began to be disseminated in the media, he created that it was stuck with a false news story, since it reiterated that INEGI should not exceed its functions of conducting national censuses.

“I at first when I heard it, I thought it might be a fake new, but then he confirmed it himself -Ramirez Cuéllar -, and I agree with Ricardo Monreal that the proposal is not part of Morena’s legislative agenda. I welcome the fact that the President of the Republic has totally dismissed this possibility.”
The most energetic on the subject was the perredista, Araceli Saucedo Reyes, who pointed out to the Morenista leader to be beyond reason and logic:
“The leader of Morena is beyond reason and of all logic; it is not possible that today we are already thinking that all Mexicans will be counted the bines that we have inside our home or that heritage that you have acquired for a lifetime. It is outside the political constitution first, it is a violation of our human rights, Article 16 so states, it says very clearly that no one can be disturbed except by an injunction that establishes it.”
It should be noted that, during this morning’s press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, scrapped the proposal that would grant INEGI functions to control the private properties of Mexicans.

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