translated from Spanish: 12 bodies are located in a van in Michoacán

The bodies were located in the back of a red van with Guerrero plates and report of theft in the municipality of Huetamo, in a road stretch leading to the town of El Terrero Prieto.
State police reported that around 08:00 on Saturday, the inhabitants of El Terrero Prieto discovered the bodies and gave notice to the authorities.
The bodies were found naked or with some clothing, as well as torture prints, as well as bullet impacts.
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Cardboards with narcomensages were also found alongside the bodies, however their contents were not disclosed by the police. 
The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) was responsible for transferring the bodies to the Medical Forensic Service where they remain as strangers, and waiting for a necropsy of the law. 
According to the Prosecutor’s Office, one possible line of inquiry is that it would be a dispute between the cartels of Jalisco Nueva Generación and The New Michoacana Family.
The Secretariat of Public Security of Michoacán reported on Twitter that security devices such as the strengthening of patrols and the installation of checkpoints are maintained to preserve the safety of the population.

In coordination with @SEDENAmx and @GN_MEXICO_, we strengthen operational actions in the municipality of Huetamo in the face of the location of 12 bodies, in a road stretch that leads to the town of El Terrero Prieto.

It was only in February that the FGE found two clandestine graves with several bodies in the community of Comanja, in the municipality of Coeneo and in Uruapan, one of the regions hardest hit by organized crime-related violence.
In recent years, Michoacán has been one of the states most hit by violence linked to organized crime.
The wave of violence in the region originated in 2006, when the government of then-President Felipe Calderón launched a military offensive against organized crime in Michoacán.
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