translated from Spanish: Edomex publishes how vehicle verification will work as it follows the epidemic

As the COVID-19 epidemic with high levels of contagion in the State of Mexico continued, the authorities made known on Sunday how the vehicle verification program will operate.
In a statement, a first point is that the vehicular verification record obtained during this year will be effective until 2021.
That is, if you already took your car to check before the epidemic closures began, it will no longer be necessary to do the second verification in 2020.
“Vehicles with a vehicular verification record obtained during this year will be effective until their next verification period in the first half of 2021,” the government’s message reads.
For those cases that have not been verified at least once this year, owners should wait for them to reopen the Verification Centres.
Since they achieve such verification, the remainder of the year will also be in effect.
“The vehicular verification record obtained from the restart of operations in CVECA will be valid for the year 2020 for only one time and the next verification period will be until the first half 2021,” the Mexiquene government said.
When the Verification Centers are back up and running, your schedule will be from 07:00 to 20:00 hours from Monday to Saturday, so you must have a scheduled appointment.
Appointments may be scheduled through the website
“Once operations in the Verificentros have been restarted, vehicle verification must be carried out by December 31, 2020, in accordance with the termination of the plate as set out in the calendar.
For the termination of plate 7 or 8 will be counted on 30 calendar days, the termination of plates 3 or 4 will have 60 calendar days.
In the case of the termination of plates 1 or 2 will be counted 90 calendar days, and for the completion of plates 9 or 0 will have 120 calendar days”, the authorities explained.
“Vehicles that fail to comply with verification shall be liable to the fine, corresponding to 20 times the UMA value, equivalent to 1,737.60 M/N pesos, including vehicles with completion 5 or 6 that did not carry out verification in January and February.
For more information, DGPCCA makes e-mail available [email protected], the phones 55-5366-8267, 722-238-2268 and the social networks Twitter @DGPCCA_Edomex and Facebook: Directorate-General for Prevention and Control of Air Pollution,” they added.
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Original source in Spanish

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