translated from Spanish: Conversation with scientist Osvaldo Ulloa and documentary director «Atacamex» via online

Conversation with scientist Osvaldo Ulloa and documentary director «Atacamex»

Scientists from the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), based at the University of Concepción, prepare every detail of what will be one of the most relevant research in our country: the exploration of the Atacama Pit, whose depth is 8,100 meters. 

Then come the complications, the strategies, the work together of an enthusiastic group of scientists and global experts. Finally, the emotions and achievements of a scientific milestone for Chile that needed to be recorded. 
‘Atacamex, exploring the unknown’, a documentary directed by Julian Rosenblatt, offers a thorough chronicle of this feat carried out in 2018 aboard the scientific ship AGS-61 ‘Cape of Horns’, whose mission was to achieve through a Lander – subexplorable autonomous vehicle – images, water samples, organisms and measurements of oxygen and temperature in uncharted depths. It was built and implemented on the ground by American Kevin Hardy, an ocean engineer and one of the world’s leading experts in the field, who worked closely with the mission of filmmaker James Cameron («Titanic») when he explored the Mariana pit, the deepest point of the sea.
‘Atacamex, exploring unknown’, an exciting documentary that highlights the important work of Chilean scientists, has its online premiere by Onda Media – a site belonging to the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage – and has had a very good reception from viewers. It has been rated as «extraordinary», «captivating» and «exciting to tears» by users.
On Thursday 25, at 19:00 hours, there will also be a conversation on Instagram Live between Ulloa and Rosenblatt in @Imago_producciones and @Imo.Chile.

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