translated from Spanish: AChM asked to make paperwork more flexible for payment of the driving licence

The president of the Transport Commission of the Chilean Association of Municipalities, Carlos Soto, asked the Government that motorists who do not yet take their permit, can do so without the process of technical review, thus avoiding last-minute agglomerations and the possible increase in covid-19.Soto contagions explained that «it is very important that the government can support motorists who must still take out their technical review in order to make the process of their circulation in the municipalities. The municipalities are at the forefront of the attention to the neighbors and it is very important to collect these taxes, as they go directly to those who need them most.» We ask the Government and the Ministry of Transport to pay the driving licence, without requiring technical review, as the plants are closed and many neighbours are not yet carrying out this procedure,» he added. According to AChM figures, 40% of neighbours still do not carry out this procedure, so making technical review more flexible is key to facilitating the payment of the driving licence. The municipalities keep 37.5% of each driving licence and the rest go to the Municipal Common Fund, which is then redistributed among the lowest-income communes.

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