translated from Spanish: Retired Footballers’ Group to Sue Sifup for Retirement Fund

The Retired Footballers Group decided to sue the Professional Footballers’ Union (Sifup) for arbitrarily setting the limits for the Retirement Fund, benefiting the players who have hung the spoils from 2017 onwards. The legal actions against the entity is also for the mishandling of this fund by considering unethical that Gamadiel García (president) and Luis Marín (secretary) benefit. Last weekend the group asked the guild to transparently in the distribution of the controversial bond by writing. However, they did not get an answer.» We spoke with the Sifup’s directive to demand answers to our concerns, but they shut down the door. The next step is the legal path,» acknowledged former defender Marcelo Zunino, member of the Retired Footballers Group in statements reproduced by El Mercurio.» Our lawyer (Ciro Colombara) will detail this week the lawsuit we will file, but it is basically because we feel discriminated against in deciding (the Sifup) arbitrarily the limits of the year of withdrawal, in addition to the misuse of the position in the managers of the Sifup, because they benefit financially from their own decisions,» added the once player of Audax Italiano.

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