translated from Spanish: Report the enforced disappearance of a 22-year-old

This is Facundo Castro, a 22-year-old from the province of Buenos Aires who traveled to Bahía Blanca to meet his partner. The last time the family had contact with him was on April 30, and according to his associates, it was at a police checkpoint. The version of the police is that after writing him an act for not having permission to drive on the street due to social isolation, preventive and mandatory, the young man continued his journey to Bahía Blanca, although, from that moment, he is missing. 

Two weeks after that control, his girlfriend Daiana González told Facundo’s family that he had never reached his destination. For this reason, they made the relevant complaint for «enforced disappearance» before the federal court 2 of Bahía Blanca, in which they incorporate the statements of three witnesses who claim to have seen police personnel board Facundo to a police patrolman, and requested that the Bonaerense Police be separated from the investigation. The last time he left his house he was wearing black jogging trousers and sneakers, blue sneakers and a Wilson-branded backpack. 

On 30/04 Facundo Castro left Pedro Luro for Bahía Blanca, in the prov. de BsAs. The police stopped him in a hold. Since that day he’s been missing. His family filed a criminal complaint for enforced disappearance and asked for the surrender of the Bonaerense — CELS (@CELS_Argentina)
July 7, 2020

«People don’t get lost here. We’re a town and we all know each other. The only certainty we have is that the last ones who saw it are the cops,» the mother, Cristina, told Page 12. In addition, he said they learned that their last contact had been with the police because it was they themselves who showed up at their home to find that Facundo lived there. From that moment on, the young man’s cell phone remains off and he did not contact his relatives again. 

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