translated from Spanish: Milita Bora: “It was clear that Osvaldo is an aggressive guy”

Singer Milita Bora, who was Daniel Osvaldo’s partner, and whose relationship ended with allegations from her where she accused him of being violent. From that moment the footballer, went out to the crossing and was felt quite aggressive with the singer and threatened her several times to withdraw the complaint. Recently on the show that lead Denise Dumas and José Maria Listorti, “Must see” asked him about his ex, and the fledgling reconciliation with Jimena Baron, the mother of his son Morrison. While Bora was very cautious about the new relationship, she made clear the experience she had with Daniel Osvaldo, saying: “I suffered it because I didn’t size it, for me he was a different boyfriend. It was a passionate story but I didn’t realize I was saying anything and I was seeing myself all over the country. Then I understood that it hurt me,” Militta recalled of those times. 

Milita Bora and Daniel Osvaldo

And asked by the drivers’ question about his ex-partner’s personality, he said: “De Daniel I have nothing to say, it’s already clear that he’s an aggressive guy. He insulted me in networks, that came out in the media and they saw him, and it’s in sight the kind of person who’s a guy who’s like that.” When asked about reconciliation with Jimena, she was more cautious and referred to in positive words: “I think it’s great, it’s a joy for humanity that couples can manage and learn. In that sense, I don’t judge. As for Jimena, I think it’s good because they also have a little boy. It’s a family that gets back together,” he concluded.

Jimena Baron and Daniel Osvaldo

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