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On Thursday, Senator Vanessa Rubio Marquez (PRI) announced that she applied for a leave of absence from her position in the upper house, less than two years after taking office. The legislator claimed personal reasons for making this determination.
From the early hours of the morning she transcended in the media that the Undersecretary of Finance and Public Credit during the final part of Enrique Peña Nieto’s government would request to be permanently absent from her obligations as a legislator, a post she arrived through the multi-nominal route.
It was later confirmed that Rubio approached the Senate Standing Committee to request his separation from office, which is formalized next Monday, when his understudy, Nancy Guadalupe Sánchez Arredondo, took a protest at the face-to-face session that will take place at the Paseo de la Reforma facility.
Around 2pm, the former legislator officially confirmed her decision to leave the Senate of the Republic. Through his Twitter account, he said he will now be engaged in academic and consulting work, having spent the last 26 years in public administration. He also stressed that it is a personal and family decision, and that he leaves ‘with his head up.’

I applied for a license to devote myself for a time to academia and consulting. After 26 years of working in the civil service I make this personal and family decision. Always with my head up, always committed to my country. Once licensed, I’ll decide the best option.
— Vanessa Rubio Marquez (@VRubioMarquez) July 16, 2020

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