translated from Spanish: “I buy my stolen tools” from a mechanic who was robbed

Adrián Pocovi is a 48-year-old mechanic who inherited his father’s trade, and was recently another victim of insecurity. The thieves entered by ripping out a gate and using a ladder to the mechanical workshop located in Peñalosa and Risso street in the town of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires province. “I have to be thankful that they didn’t kill my old man, who lives next door, because if he heard some noise he would have gone out to see what was going on and they probably would have been shot,” Adrián told Infobae. 

Adrián Pocovi ? Photo: Infobae

“On Monday I stopped working at 6pm and when I came back yesterday, last Tuesday, at 8 a.m., I saw that the gate was torn off, that they had entered through the window and stolen my tools. The one who opened it was my old man and the truth is that today is a day to be happy because I have him alive.” commented the mechanic who also claimed that it took him 27 years to gather all those work tools that would be around the $400 thousand pesos, and that in just one hour they were stolen. 

For this reason and in a desperate manoeuvre it occurred to him to put together a sign where he wrote “I buy my stolen tools” and where he left his phone number so they could contact him. Among the tools stolen were three wireless impact guns, heat guns, pneumatic impact gun, big hand-and-girl driller, large and small hand grinder, a chainsaw that was fixing to cut some trees, wrenches, tweezers and so on. “I hope they call me, tell me what they want because I’m willing to pay something coherent so I can get my tools back,” he said. 

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