translated from Spanish: Mauricio Pinilla: “It would be wonderful to see Alexis in the ‘U’ shirt”

Mauricio Pinilla, striker of Coquimbo Unido and idol of the University of Chile, referred to the possibility of seeing with the blue draw shirt Alexis Sánchez, historical scorer of the ‘Roja’ and confessed fan of the school cast. Faced with the option of seeing the ‘Wonder Boy’ in the ‘Romantic Traveler’, ‘Pinigol’ stated to the portal En Cancha that “imagine yourself, always said that he wanted to play in the ‘U’, he was always a fan of the ‘U’, it would be nice to be able to see the last years of his career, because he still has so much left.” He’s an unbalanced player, the more he’s a U fan, it would be wonderful to see him wear this shirt,” added the battering ram formed in the blue shop. Regarding the awakening of the tocopillano in Europe, this after the resumption of football in Italy after complications from the coronavirus, the 36-year-old said that “I think it is a more media press issue, because Alexis spent a complex moment injury, he was on a team that didn’t work at all. There are complex periods that players live in their clubs. After he was injured, he had a hard time taking his level. But Alexis’ level was never in dispute.” He obviously had a process of rehabilitation to Italian football, where he did it spectacularly and today he is one of the most important players of Inter. Whether it’s a starter or not, the times he’s come in, he’s been one of the most important, most interesting players,” he added. Finally, Pinilla noted that “for us as a country it is super important to be able to recover Alexis, because they come Ranked and it is important to have the best version of it. It’s back to its peak.” The coach Reinaldo Rueda has Alexis as the fundamental piece of his attack for the start of the long South American road to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which is scheduled to begin next October and in which Chile will have to face Uruguay as a visit and Colombia as a local.

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