translated from Spanish: Mapuche communities meeting ends with severe riots in Curacautín

Although after the Txawun most of the comuneras and comuneros marched peacefully in the rain towards the center of Curacautín shouting slogans against racism, a group provoked severe incidents, throwing stones at private houses, commercial premises, the municipality and destroying monuments of the main square of the city, which concluded with barricades and confrontation with Carabineros , being cut off the sector El Puente, south entry to the commune.
When the riots were just beginning, the lonco Alberto Curamil made a strong wake-up call to the comuneros. In images captured by Eco TV – half of Facebook -, Curamil spoke in front of those who marched, in the center of the city square, calling not to fight “between the poor”.
“It is important not to confuse our enemy, we know where we have to fight, where we have to give the fight. There is a usurped territory, there are forestry companies, there are trucks that often pollute our territory, but here in Curacautín there are also poor people,” he said, alluding to the aggressions suffered by private houses and commercial premises by comuneros.
“We need to know where to fight and where to fight. We must know how to fight, we come here a long time with this struggle, often one takes a risk with this path, but this fight is not going to end today either.
This is going to continue, it’s one more process we’ve had to live. Most of us who have fought, who have been in battle, have been shot, we have seen our brothers fall… We need to know how to talk and know where to fight them,” he added.
Curamil insisted: “I say again what minute and where we have to fight, and who to fight against. Because this racism has been created by forestry companies and the government.”
“They want to make us fight each other like poor, but we’re not going to fall for it. We’re not going to fall for poor fights,” Curamil reiterated.
The record of clashes between Carabineros and Mapuche was shared on social media.

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