translated from Spanish: Felipe Solá: «The vaccine is an example of solidarity and integration»

Argentine Chancellor Felipe Solá participated in a video conference of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) with the aim of developing the agreements already reached to produce 250 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. In the process that will have corticipando to an Argentine laboratory and another Mexican, with the company Astrazeneca, the University of Oxford and the Carlos Slim Foundation, the member countries of the organization expressed their intention to acquire the vaccine after the successful termination of phase III. In this vein, Solá himself commented that «the Covid-19 vaccine demonstrates that Latin America’s integration is not only a political unity to challenge ideological aspects, and it is not just trade, but a way of conceiving ourselves to respond to the demands of our societies.»

«We train scientists, develop technology, we are doing technology transfer, it is an example of cooperation between the public and private, we integrate two countries and extend that integration to all Latin America and the Caribbean,» said the Argentine chancellor. «Solidarity remains a value in this funded world,» emphasized the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Republic. Within the leadership of Mexico and Argentina on the basis of the above-mentioned agreement, Solá recalled that CELAC raised the health issue earlier in January this year and then held meetings with China and the United Kingdom. «Today the Covid vaccine is a source of pride because the scientific system and technology transfer to the Argentine laboratory worked very well,» he said. He underlined «the level of the Argentine laboratory Mbxience, of the Insud group of entrepreneurs Hugo Sigman and Silvia Gold, and the level of the Mexican laboratory Liomont, the two of the highest quality». Initially established during the Summit of the Unity of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integration and Development (CALC) in 2010, CELAC formalized its operation with the subscription of the Caracas Declaration in 2011, constituting itself as an intergovernmental space that brings together the 33 Latin American countries, without the presence of the United States and Canada. CELAC is then thought to be the regional integration space that seeks to foster and deepen dialogue with strategic actors at the international level, such as the European Union, Russia and China.
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