translated from Spanish: Secretary of Government of Veracruz threatens daily El Dictamen, The official was annoyed by a publisher, and sending intimidating messages.

Veracruz. – “He who takes it is carried” was the message sent by the Secretary of Government of the State Eric Patrocinio Cisneros Burgos, after the newspaper El Dictamen published an editorial in which he signals his break with his political godmother, and current secretary of Energy Rocio Nahle García.
In his publishing house, the Buenos Aires newspaper with more than a hundred years of foundation, and which at this time runs Bertha Ahued Malpica, pointed out
Yesterday’s column, “Verdict by Don Justo” published in El Dictamen caused annoyance in the state official, to the degree of sending a series of messages via WhatsApp, which were made known, and were addressed to the Executive Director, Bertha Ahued Malpica in which he noted: “Time will tell who is the traitor… The one who takes it holds up… That’s the way it is… Greetings.”

This is the column of the newspaper El Dictamen that “uncomfortable” the head of internal politics and who coordinated Morena’s campaign for the federal and state government, which brought with it the triumph of Cuitláhuac García Jiménez as governor, as well as Rocío Nahle García, as Senator for Veracruz.
“Everyone knows that government general secretary Eric Cisneros Burgos betrayed the one who gave him the power he never thought to have in his life. The popular “Bola Ocho”, there are politicians of the Four-Té and entrepreneurs who do not see with good eyes the one that has for a while broken with his godmother Rocío Nahle García, secretary of Energy in the cabinet of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador….Se knows that he has reached the degree to which he did not answer the calls or messages; even, he would even have come out of answer: “My political boss is Cuitláhuac,” he once told him….The lawsuit started long ago.
But there is another important fact that has been handled in the corridors of the Government Palace: a new traición….Se comments that Cisneros Burgos would be pretending to be fighting with the Yunes, but in reality has an alliance with them. He let himself be convinced, he let himself be praised. Those of the yunist clan are experts in sweetening the ear and bringing down those new politicians who do not know them… Just look at the recent video, where Cisneros flaunts the governor and even poses as foreman of the work they did in Xalapa, cutting the mountain grown…
It is known that at government meetings he even raises his voice… But he is so naive and unaware of the policy of Veracruz, that he does not know the number of betrayals that the Yunes have committed and it is believed that he promised that he will be given Boca and Veracruz… According to this, everything will be defined in December, the date on which they swear and harm that the governor will leave Veracruz to go to the federal government and then assume as interim governor the famous “Ball Eight”….What he does not know, is that the patriarch of the blue demons already has advanced the candidacy of Fernandito”….
The Opinion published that it holds Eric Cisneros Burgos responsible for any aggression to the publishing house or any of its collaborators, and clarified that the editorial line of its medium is to give reliable and truthful information, above personal or group interests.

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