translated from Spanish: Comptroller objected more than a trillion pesos for misused public resources in 2019

During 2019 the Comptroller General of the Republic carried out a total of 4,015 audit products (special investigations, construction inspections, among others, which objected to more than one trillion pesos (1,060,974,360,397), equivalent to about US$1.350 billionThe backing body noted that the main weaknesses they found were breaches of accounting or budgetary rules (more than $835 billion was objected to in this item alone) , improper or uncomp endorsed expenses, breaches or modifications of contracts, errors in fund management and weak accountability, among other aspects. In addition, it indicated that the Teams of the Comptroller made a total of 13,928 observations. Of these 8,018 (58%) were categorized as «highly complex» or «complex.» This means that the observations have serious irregularities associated with the funds. The audits were divided into 12 sectors: the most audited was the municipal (1,743 products), infrastructure (541); Health (472), Interior (291), Defense (185) and Education (166). In the municipal sector, 202 audits and 150 special investigations were carried out, mainly on management, of which 5,695 observations were made. In the Interior’s portfolio, 1,308 observations were made, of which 50% were categorized as «highly complex» and «complex» in terms of health, Comptroller noted that «remuneration payments were warned without the documentation that undertook the expense, unregistered liabilities, lack of accounting records associated with running works, deficiency purchases in pharmaceuticals and surgical materials and useful , unused computer licenses, among others.»

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