translated from Spanish: Minister Desbordes for possible constitutional indictment against Victor Perez: «I ask the opposition not to make it concrete»

Defense Minister Mario Desbordes referred to the constitutional accusation that could fall on interior minister Victor Pérez for government handling of truckers.
The carriers left the roads and the unemployment ended, however, the seats of opposition MPs agreed this week to continue with the libel.
In conversation with channel 13’s Central Bureau program, Desbordes made an explicit call to the opposition not to «concrete the constitutional accusation» because «we cannot polarize the environment.» For the former President of National Renewal, «a sufficient and sufficient appeal is sufficient for discussion, questioning, answering and explanations.»
«That corresponds in democracy when we want to take care of the institutions and when we are aware of what comes to us as a country onwards (elections), the secretary of state added.
Consulted by the management of the Government during the stoppage of truckers, Desbordes maintained that there were no double standards as the opposition for Carabineros’ actions with the carriers pointed out. «The government acted just as it acted with the truckers who stopped in October claiming for the tag and paralyzed the entrance to Santiago,» Desbordes argued.
With the same tone, the Defense holder defended the criterion with which La Moneda has handled street protests. «During this Government, we have acted with judgment when there have been demonstrations, when there have been unemployments, and when there have been demonstrations,» he concluded.

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