translated from Spanish: Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office is required to make progress in the case of Jesus Manuel

Sinaloa.- On February 24 of this year in the city of Culiacán, he disappeared from his department Jesús Manuel Santos Medina. Everything indicates that the people who took him became customers, as he was engaged in sales through social networks. He is a very hardworking boy with good feelings; He was not in anything illegal, he also had no friendships or frequented people who were out of the law, so he is believed to have been disappeared to steal goods from him, his mother, Maria Guadalupe, said. 
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Jesús Manuel graduated from Business Administration, and in the absence of a job opportunity began with the sale of perfumes, watches, T-shirts, among other items, among friends and acquaintances. He started doing well, and he realized sales were his thing.

As soon as he had some savings, he opened a place downtown, but he didn’t do as well as he would have liked, so he closed, and followed social media sales. In addition, with great sacrifice he took out two vehicles, one to make the delivery of goods and the other to rent it for the transfer service per application. He was always undertaking. He worked very hard because he wanted to get ahead, but with honest work, he remembered his mom crying in tears. The nightmare for this young man and his family began on February 24, when he was apparently deprived of the freedom of his apartment. Having not heard from him for two days, some friends went to his apartment, located in Urbivillas del Prado.Se it made them very strange not to see the cars parked, and the suspicion that something was not right grew when they realized that the door was only matched. Jesus Manuel was very careful. He always had the door locked because he used his apartment as a cellar. A lot of merchandise disappeared along with him. His wallet hasn’t been found either. Days after they started looking for him they found his car burned, then the car he rented abandoned appeared on streets of a colony located south of the city of Culiacán. According to María Guadalupe, after the disappearance of the eldest of her children, she gave up her life and has dedicated he he he hesed to seeking it. In this way he has realized that the work of the staff of the Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office has been very poor. He indicated that investigators are only waiting for relatives of the missing to be taking evidence and evidence to their desks to find those responsible. In his case, he asked them to check the video surveillance cameras where his son moved to the last time he went home, and was told that all C4 cameras were broken. He also asked to check the cameras at the center where his son was waiting for people believed to have taken him, but the investigator told him they were useless, when the latter was a lie. After he carried out several investigations on his own and some people sent him information about the case, he became aware of the identity of three suspects, and even a arrest warrant was made against them, but three months have passed, and they are not arrested. María Guadalupe asks Marco Antonio Almanza Avilés, director of the Investigative Police, to hurry with the execution of the arrest warrants in order to find her son. He asks Attorney General Juan José Ríos Estavillo to follow all the clues in the case. The alleged perpetrators were very careless as they took their son’s vehicles and belongings, as they left many traces. All the Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office should have is a willingness to move forward and do justiceMaría Guadalupe asks those who have some information about their child to let them know. He also calls on the public not to judge when they deprive a person of liberty, because among the victims there are many who disappear to rob them, as in the case of their child. He claims to live the worst of anguish, and does not spend a day not going out looking for him, and will continue to do so until he finds it. It ensures that much more had already been done if the authorities hadwould have done their part.

Original source in Spanish

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