translated from Spanish: Karen Doggenweiler: “My mom was infected, the virus leaves enough sequels”

This long weekend will be held the campaign “Vamos Chilenos!”, an event that will seek to help 50 thousand people over the age of 80 who are alone.
And even though the names of the animators of the special show were just delivered on Monday, Karen Doggenweiler claims that the desires have been since she heard the idea.
The cheerleader will be at the start of the campaign, in Friday’s opening hours, as well as at the close of the event following Saturday’s central news.
What does this event mean to you?

This campaign has a slogan that I really like: “Take care of the coronavirus, get in touch with solidarity”. I think it can be very nice to make a meeting point, we all know that these Festivities are going to be different and I think this date was chosen just to accompany and also to be able to help. Older adults have been the ones who have been most affected in this pandemic and this is a precious possibility to pay homage to them, to go to their aid. We hope this will certainly work, that we can help and give our older adults a joy.
How does it feel to be part of the “Come on Chileans!” team?

The equipment that makes the program is highly applied, very hardworking. They have had to do everything in record time and with a lot of love, commitment and sacrifice so I am happy to be in the place I am told. And it is the disposition of all our colleagues and of whom we will be in the theater there to join and of course be with all the love and commitment of always.
Do you think technology has helped people connect?

We’re far away, but at the same time we can feel close thanks to technology. And it is this very thing that has allowed many older adults to feel close to their loved ones even though we cannot see each other. Video calls, and all this makes one feel close despite the physical distance and of course gives us the possibility to meet and be able to be in the help of so many people being there broadcasting, some in the theater and others from their homes that we can perform this event.
How did you live the pandemic?

In this pandemic my mom got infected, she’s fine now but this leaves enough sequels. We’ve all seen this virus up close, what it causes, whether it’s touched someone in our family. I believe that it has happened with many Chileans, many of us, we have also seen the deaths of people we know. Coronavirus has hit not only us, but Latin America, the whole world. The whole of humanity is affected by this pandemic and we hope that soon we can have a vaccine and we can be together without mask and without estating.


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