Provoste calls Boric “extreme left” and questions the PC for statement on Nicaragua: Jackson claims that he ruled with the party “for four years”

The presidential candidate of the New Social Pact, Yasna Provoste, described the letter of Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric, as “extreme left” and questioned the Communist Party for the statement in which they defend the “legitimacy” of the Government of Nicaragua and the most recent elections in that country, cataloged as “fraudulent” almost unanimously by the international community.
“The most powerful party that supports the candidate of the extreme left, does not believe in unrestricted support for Human Rights,” said Senator Provoste in conversation with “Mesa Central” of T13.
Recall that Gabriel Boric and numerous militants of the PC -such as the deputies Camila Vallejo, Karol Cariola, the conventional Bárbara Sepúlveda, or the mayor Daniel Jadue- rejected the declaration.
Even so, Provoste said that “there can be no doubt in the unrestricted support for the principle of Human Rights. In Nicaragua, human rights have been violated, no one can classify it as a democratic election with all the adversaries detained.”
“I do not classify it as a mistake, which seems to me to be part of a permanent denial when human rights violations are being swept away in leftist dictatorships. They turn a blind eye,” added the La Moneda aspirant.
Deputy Jackson: “Provoste ruled with the CP for four years”
Deputy Giorgio Jackson (RD) responded to Provoste and recalled that the PC was part of the second government of Michelle Bachelet, along with the DC.
“Candidate Yasna Provoste ruled with the CP for 4 years. Therefore it seems to me that his statements show a lack of memory or demonstrate a very short look or desperation in the face of the electoral process that is coming, but that it is fully functional that the right has, “said Jackson in the aforementioned media.
He also lamented that “when you look at the programs and you can see important coincidences between those who administered for a long time of the 30 years, who are not able to put the accent on things that can unite us,” the legislator continued.
“Here the adversary we have at the head of an ultra-right that puts at risk are values very felt in our society and threatens with greater social conflict,” Jackson added.
He also fired criticism against the DC and the “brake” they imposed on the reforms promoted by the Concertación.
“The problem of the governments of the Concertación was not an issue of graduality, the issue was that there was no political determination to make certain decisions,” said the parliamentarian.
“In particular, because one of his parties, mainly the DC, was against many of those changes. Moreover, representatives and important leaders of the DC explicitly stopped these changes,” he said.

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