translated from Spanish: PS Senators: “It is imperative to move towards the implementation of universal health insurance”

The socialist party’s (PS) senators’ bench issued a statement insisting on the need to move towards universal health insurance that “guarantees all Chileans and Chileans expedited access to medical care, whether basic or specialty, without limitations on waiting time, age, sex or pre-existences.”
The PS bench noted that “the covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a strong, state-backed health system at its various levels, ensuring quality and timely care for anyone in need, without discrimination of any kind.”
In this regard, they consider that “private health does not fit under any aspect the parameters of social security. Its role must therefore be redefined in the context of supplementary and voluntary insurance.”
They also expressed support for the Drugs Act 2. “PS senators express their support for the rules contained in this initiative, especially those seeking to regulate drug prices and establish the obligation to use the International Common Denomination (ID) for the prescription of medicines and not their trademark.”
On the other hand, they consider that “Primary Health Care must become a fundamental pillar of the health system. This requires increasing your resources. Since PS Senators Banking, we have promoted an increase in per capita health – the baseline amount of which in 2020 was $6,722 – to $11,000 by 2021.”
Finally, the PS senators’ bench “declares its unrestricted support for the idea of establishing health as a social right. This matter must necessarily be present in the constitutional discussion that is coming.”

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