translated from Spanish: Kicillof called for “no marketing” with a return to school; canceled the US presidential debate; a well-known businessman killed his wife and was sucide and much more…

1. Businessman Jorge Neuss murdered his wife and then sucked

It happened at martindale’s house, where they lived. Read on here… 2. Kicillof asked “do not do marketing” with the return to school

After announcing the return in 24 districts with low coronavirus circulation, the provincial representative targeted those who “misrepresent or seek bombastic titles.” Read on here… 3. First-class clubs continued to tune up with several friendly

Most of the teams played friendly this Saturday to finish getting ready for the competition they started at the end of this month. Read on here… 4. Actrices Argentinas asked that a 7-year-old baby not be sent to Spain

Argentine actresses, joined the campaign to be heard the will of a child who wants to stay in the country. In 15 days, by a court decision, you must travel to Spain where your father is. Read on here… 5. Flights return: What requirements are needed to travel by plane

From this Monday all flights will be enabled, but nothing will be as before, permits are required that each destination will ask for. Read on here… 6. Canceled the second presidential debate in the United States

Trump refused to participate online and Biden will take the opportunity to answer questions from voters. Read on here… 7. Grandparents of Nothing release new version of “Monday morning”

It has the collaboration of musicians Ricardo Mollo and Manuel Moretti. Read on here…

Original source in Spanish

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