translated from Spanish: Lío Pecoraro told in his networks that he has Leukemia

Lío Pecoraro, a show journalist, surprised his followers by revealing on his Instagram account, with a video he recorded from the Hospital de Clínicas, which he was diagnosed with leukemia.
«Hello everyone, I hope you are very well. I wanted to record this message because I have something to tell you, something I decided to tell you from the first day I knew because I find it also super important. A few days ago I started to feel something strange in my body. Some feelings I didn’t think were within normal at the health level. So I decided to have some checkups,» the reporter began to explain. «Between those checkups I have a blood count and how it results they find that my red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and hematocrit are low. Talking to the doctor, who did it to me at the Finochietto Sanatorium, and he tells me you have to see a hematologist. I’m going to see the hematologist, who takes good care of me and I tell him everything that had happened in that week and he says, Lío are not alarming values, but we’re going to wait a week and we’re going to do a checkout to see what happened.» He then recounted that in the midst of waiting for the new studies, his mouth began to bleed, which is why his doctor decided to do the analsis before. After the studies, on the recommendation of the specialists decide to put him in the Hospital de Clínicas to make him a more complex battery of studies and to be able to give him a diagnosis. 
The journalist in his account recounted that a bone marrow puncture was performed, the result of which shows that he has acute promyelocytic leukemia.

«It is a leukemia, severe, acute, that acts very quickly, but in favor has a large quota, which is that the treatment that receives this disease gives very good results, that is, people cure this type of leukemia.» In this way, very calm and with a lot of information thanked all the health personnel who are taking care of it very well. Finally, he said that he «decreed that he will beat this disease and that he decided to tell it for all those who may be going through the same thing.» 

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