translated from Spanish: The details of the dismissal of the civil officer who denounced ghost universities in the judiciary

In 2004, psychologist Javiera Pérez began working at the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary (CAPJ). His good performance allowed him to climb to leadership positions.
This is how 2012 was awarded the contest of head of the Subdepartment of Recruitment and Selection. His job was to manage the operation of this subdepartment, ensuring the effectiveness of the processes, the efficient use of resources and ensuring the quality of the results.
Between 2012 and 2016, Pérez was always rated on the outstanding list and was not subjected to disciplinary research or summary.
But everything would change from 2015. Since then, the civil service company reported that she began to be a victim of hostile treatment by CAPJ director Ricardo Guzmán Sanza and the head of the Human Resources Department, Andreina Olmo. This situation caused him a depression and, between October 2016 and December 2019, he began taking medical leave, as recorded in a certificate from the Chilean Security Association (ACHS).
The situation didn’t end well for Javiera. On 25 April 2020, she was informed of her disengagement from the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary, for which she filed a claim for employment protection for infringement of fundamental rights.
The psychologist considers that her dismissal has other components, since she was one of the officials who in 2016 denounced the issue of «ghost universities», which awarded false degrees to two CAPJ officials, namely the director, Ricardo Guzmán Sanza, and the head of the Planning and Coordination Department, Alex Saravia Molina.
The fact was uncovered by El Mostrador that same year, in a report that both officials obtained a postgraduate degree at Ulsetb University in Belgium, an institution that was subsequently placed on a list of «fake universities» in that European country.
One of the main institutions linked to Ulsetb is the EGEU, School of European Management. In a note by Bío Bío Chile in May 2018, it is reported that more than 100 students were scamming after the institution no longer paid agreements with Spanish universities.
When you do a Google search, it appears that the EGEU is «permanently closed». In addition, the phone number is listed as «out of order».

It is also worth noting that the then director of the Latin American Department of the Cooperation Agency of the Valona Region of Belgium, Christine Favart, confirmed at the time to El Mostrador that ulsetb ceased to exist «and its website was closed».
The ghost university that awarded fake phDs
In this article he realizes that the University of Chile, an institution that has «the private and exclusive attribution of recognizing, revalidating orvalidating professional degrees obtained abroad», according to DFL No. 153, 1981, of the Ministry of Education, invalidated two degrees of doctor that he had previously recognized, presented by Ricardo Guzmán Sanza, director of CAPJ, and Alex Saravia Molina , head of the Planning and Coordination Department of the same agency.
Among his studies, the two exhibited the degree of Doctor of Business Administration, delivered by ulsetb, Belgium; in addition to a phD in Business Administration from the University of Chile.
However, it is still a draw of attention that the curriculum of both officials – which can be viewed in the CAPJ tab on the Judiciary page – still contains this degree.

What does the lawsuit say?
The Mostrador had access to the demand for labor protection, which details chronologically the events that had as the outcome of the dismissal of Javiera Pérez de la CAPJ.
«In 2004 I began working as a freelance psychologist for the ADMINISTRATIVE CORPORATION OF THE JUDICIAL POWER, hereinafter CAPJ. I serve as a job psychologist: I take enabling exams, collective tests and effective psycho labor interviews,» the document says.
After being hired at fees in 2008, the professional became a civil service member on December 31 of the same year. «I work as a recruitment and selection analyst coordinating competitions of the Judiciary and the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary. I’m always rated outstanding.»
On April 24, 2012, Javiera Pérez was awarded the position of head of the Subdepartment of Recruitment and Selection, having applied in January of that same year. Your trabgarlic was «to manage the operation of the Subdepartment of Recruitment and Selection, ensuring the effectiveness of processes, the efficient use of resources and ensuring the quality of the results, in accordance with the values of excellence, efficiency and transparency, in order to provide the institution with suitable candidates for the vacant positions in a timely manner».
Demand highlights that between 2012 and 2016, Javiera was rated on the «outstanding» list. Nor was he the subject of disciplinary investigations or summaries.
Beginning in 2015, «the first behaviors of my hierarchical superiors, the Director of CAPJ Mr. Ricardo Guzmán S. and my direct chief Ms. Andreina Olmo Marchetti, Head of the Human Resources Department, begin to appear through hostile and undermining treatment of me which caused me the symptoms of depression, and I began to be granted medical leave in January 2016.»
Among the harassment behaviors, they mention, for example, that the director of the CAPJ ordered three audits carried out between February and May 2016, a situation that they described as «excessive and intimidating to me since only one was sufficient».
«The audits carried out do not show any significant indicators, as reported by my Direct Chief. Since the increase in staffing of the Subdepartment of Recruitment and Selection had been approved, after the competition, the three-person contract between February and May was requested, which are reduced to 30 days.»
«The CAPJ Director’s continued acts of harassment lead to more complex symptoms of depression, and give me psychiatric leave,» the lawsuit says.
It also details that «in June 2016, while I was on psychiatric leave for depression for work reasons, I was changed from office, alluding to a change in position profile specifically looking for a person with a degree from the Administration area.»
«Not only did they change my position, but I changed jobs. There was no definition of the functions and tasks of the position to be performed. I had no indication of my Head of Human Resources, nor of my ‘new position’, objectives, or tasks. The lack of indicators and interpersonal relationships lead to a severe depression, and I present psychiatric medical leave of employment. And even when I try to come back, the situation is similar: I have no information on the work I have to do.»
In 2017, Pérez was notified of her 2016 rating, which is poor, remaining on a conditional list. However, following an appeal, the Higher Council accepted Javiera’s request and was kept with the same qualification in 2015.
«Even though she met the goals and improved management indicators while serving as Head of the Recruitment and Selection Sub-Department (…) hostile actions sustained towards me by denosing my work, underdoging it and ignoring it without any feedback for my performance, or pre-qualifications.»
«During the 2nd half of 2016 I was in severe depression; the grades I was notified of are not warranted. During the years I worked, both as a Psychologist, Recruitment and Selection Analyst, and as Head of the Recruitment and Selection Subdepartment, I always had a performance that placed me on the outstanding list, in all my years of service to the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary, 3 years as Head of the Subdepartment of Recruitment and Selection, which are consistent with an upward development in my professional career until June 2016 , which were truncated by the exposure I suffered by my headquarters in the exercise of my professional duties that always resulted in a hostile and undermining treatment that they had in my eldest depression person with an anxious painting of employment origin from October 13, 2016 to December 13, 2019 as recorded as is certified by the Chilean Security Association , hereinafter ACHS».
Javiera Pérez’s days at CAPJ
In conversation with El Mostrador, Javiera Pérez recounted that all backgrounds regarding fake doctorates were presented at the time to the President of the Supreme Court. He assured that «a summary was made, but nothing happened. I had to go back to work, and it really looked like a ghost that no one wanted to see.»
Perez told how his days were from the moment the mistreatment towards his person began: «My days passed without having anything to do, and every project he presented, he didn’t even have an acknowledgement of receipt. I felt more alone than ever, and with a boss who didn’t receive me. And there was once I spoke, and I proposed to her to carry out a good project, after which I would give up the CAPJ, and she replied: ‘Javiera, your continuity in CAPJ depends on the work that laughslices’, and I had no job. It was a crossroads.»
«This is how the days passed, getting sadder, getting more alone and gaining weight (…). The depression consumed me, not only did I feel useless, but I didn’t have a job to back me up, I was in a ravine (…). It was horrible, and a lot of people know it, but it’s not going to do anything, because the abuse is unvisitable and there are no procedures to support those who report them, because it’s Human Resources and management who take these cases,» he added.
For Javiera, the fact that the 2nd Juzgado de Letras de Santiago has already taken the lawsuit is an important step, because «the CAPJ argued that it was not the relevance of the appointed court, since the officials of the Judiciary welcome the COT (Organic Code of Courts), which says that in the face of a fact of mistreatment we must benefit from the procedures of the Corporation , and those who solve such actions are Human Resources and Management.»
The psychologist also reported this situation to the National Association of Professionals of the Judiciary (Aprajud). Specifically, he commented that his president, Patricio Aguilar, «was always with me, tried to have a meeting with me and Andreina Olmo, and could not do so, I speak to the president of the Court; but in the end he is president of the officials (mostly holders) of the judiciary.»
What is CAPJ?
The Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary (CAPJ) is the entity responsible for managing the human, physical, financial and technological resources of the Judiciary (PJ). «Your mission is to provide quality service and to influence better justice for people,» says the judiciary’s website.
It is a fundamental body for this power of the State, and its directors are linked to hundreds of people. That’s why their scrolls are deployed as a backing when the goal is to detail the structure.
«The management of the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary is led by a Higher Council, composed of the President of the Supreme Court, who heads it, and four ministers of the highest court, elected by their peers for a period of two years,» the CAPJ website details.
CAPJ’s mission – established in March 1990 – is to «provide a service of excellence to the courts of justice, helping to improve the quality of justice and facilitating community access to it, efficiently and transparently managing the resources of the judiciary».
Meanwhile, his vision is «to be a technical organization, known, validated and legitimized for the judiciary and the community, due to the excellence of the services it provides, which contribute to improving the quality and access to justice in the country».
The Mostrador contacted CAPJ to obtain her version regarding Javiera Pérez’s allegations. Via an email they noted that «since this is an ongoing judicial process, the institution prefers not to refer to the issue and that it will await the judicial decision made by the labour court on this matter».

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