translated from Spanish: Renewing the broken social pact

Mr. Director:
This Sunday Chileans will reveal whether they approve or refuse to change the Political Constitution of the Republic. While voting «Apruebo» brings about the renewal of a broken social pact, it should not be forgotten that the historic agreement of 15 November 2019 was the express outlet used by the political class to try to contain a much more serious crisis.
A new constitution will not solve the country’s structural problems. Reforms are needed to address the problems of inequality and fragility of the majority. That is, deep corrections to social security systems, including planned aspects, improvements to public health and education. In addition, it is essential to change the regulation of markets in order to discourage looting and enhance free competition.
They are all ungrateful tasks, which involve discussing, translating and negotiating – words veted in today’s political language – where politics has not been available to pay the costs. Let’s hope that after Sunday they will assume, at once, their role.
Fernando Cruz

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