translated from Spanish: Deputy Castro (PS) after resignations from Zúñiga and Araos al Minsal: «It seems that the syndrome of abandonment of the ship is occurring»

On Monday’s resignation from the head of Epidemiology of Minsal, Rafael Araos, this Tuesday’s afternoon was joined by that of the undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, a situation that for the member of the House Health Commission and parliamentarian by O’Higgins, Juan Luis Castro, is «frankly unpresentable».
Castro criticized the situation, noting that «ship abandonment syndrome is apparently occurring in the Ministry of Health, because in two days two resignations, and that of the undersecretary curiously for a political candidacy.»
In addition, Deputy Castro (PS) argued that «they will have the right to do so, but it is another thing for them to have a double speech and to tell people that they are on top of the pandemic every day, and on the other hand the head of Epidemiology, the most sensitive technical area; and the undersecretary of Redes, who is the general manager of all hospitals in Chile, leave the ship.»
The doctor and parliamentarian was categorical in noting that «here there is no longer any concern for the day to day or what is coming, but it is thinking of projecting towards the future, but leaving portfolios as sensitive as that of Health in the middle of the pandemic»
«I think this is frankly a waste,» «and he talks about the government dying,» he concluded.

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