translated from Spanish: His ex denounced him for abusing his daughters and neighbors burned him down and killed him

This Thursday, in the Neuquina town of Centenario, a municipal employee was burned to death when nearly 50 neighbors set him on fire after he went viral on social media that his ex-wife had reported him – on October 30 – for sexually abusing his 5- and 9-year-old daughters, a fact that is still being investigated and for which he had not been arrested. The deceased was identified as Rigoberto Godoy (65), who resided only in a house in the area of Villa Obrera, in Centenario, and did not get rescued from the flames after the fire started by the neighbors last Monday. People prevented police and firefighters from approaching the site to assist him. In addition, several police officers were injured by stones thrown as they approached the home, while property damage was reported to the patrol boats they crewed. By the time the troops managed to get Godoy out of the house, the man had already suffered severe burns to his body. He was referred to the Castro Rendón Provincial Hospital in the city of Neuquén but died on Tuesday morning. Godoy had been reported for sexual abuse of her two daughters, 5 and 9, on October 30 last. For that reason, the Justice had ordered that both be examined by medical personnel, who in a first report did not detect injuries to their bodies, indicated the sources consulted. However, the complaint happened on social media, the case quickly went viral and the neighbors acted in this way. Sources of the investigation assured Télam that the man had already been reported for a sexual abuse case last year, but that he had been oversaw for lack of evidence. The investigation is carried out by the prosecutor of Homicide, María Eugenia Titanti who ordered the victim’s autopsy and a series of measures to gather information from neighbors of the neighborhood, in order to try to identify those who committed the event. So far there are no defendants or detainees in the case.

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