translated from Spanish: Axel Kicillof presented the draft Budget 2021 Bonaerense

Today, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, presented the draft Budget 2021 for his jurisdiction. It, presented in conjunction with Pablo López, Minister of Finance and Finance of the Province of Buenos Aires, contains seven fundamental axes. These are: investments in infrastructure and housing; education; security and prison service; economic revival and social inclusion; health care; transverse gender perspective and debt sustainability.

Introducing the 2021 Budget Bill: New priorities to get the Province up and running, with an unlished investment in infrastructure and the recovery of social investment. The time for indebtedness and adjustment is over. — Pablo J. López (@PabloJ_LopezOK)
November 6, 2020

“What we raised in this project is a state that has to put themselves at the forefront of economic revival, especially through investment, capital expenditure,” Lopez said in an interview with Financial Area. The three axes to which the most money will be earmarked will reportedly be Infrastructure and Housing (for $174.151 million), Education (for $82.469 million) and Security and Prison Service (for 33,273 million). In his early tweet to the project’s development, Lopez said, “The time for indebtedness and adjustment is over.”
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