translated from Spanish: Eiza Gonzalez would have a new romantic partner

Mexico.  Mexican actress Eiza González, who is based in Los Angeles, California, would have a new romantic partner and would be Dusty Lachowicz, a handsome young man with whom she has been caught several times by the paparazzi. In one of them she was seen in a luxurious Beverly Hills restaurant.Eiza González would be starting a relationship with Dusty Lachowicz and from her begin to speak international media, who have given themselves to the task of investigating about his life. According to information on different portals, she is 27 years old, a professional model and originally from Wisconsin.
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Instagram photo

Dusty Lachowicz has been the face of successful advertising campaigns for luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren, Swimsuit for all and Underamour. But a few years ago Dusty was a firefighter and since then he would pursue his dreams of become an international model, and he was also a personal trainer, having graduated from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

But the young man is also passionate about sports, even has a successful YouTube channel where he teaches fitness routines. Eiza would have been romantically related to Josh Duhamel, Liam Hemsworth, Luke Bracey and Calvin Harris before, and now she does so with Dusty Lachowicz.And the photographs in which Eiza González and Dusty appear together sparked strong rumors that there is already a great romance between them, and that is that when he left the restaurant 40 Love, of Los Angeles, he passed his arm behind the Mexican actress. In early 2016 he began to share on Instagram several photographs of him and many of which correspond to his first works as a mannequin and counts on that social network with more than 219 thousand followers.

Eiza Gonzalez. Instagram photo

But in addition, the young model, who is also an influencer, has his own YouTube channel in which he continuously adds content regarding what his life is like as a model and above all talks about how much he likes to exercise, even he edits and films himself. Dusty Lachowicz is based in Los Angeles, California and has appeared on the pages of publications such as Adon and Holiday Magazine and has also been an image of “Ralph Lauren”, “Underamour”, or “Swimsuit for all”.

Original source in Spanish

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