translated from Spanish: Colmed describes as “unwelcome” and “inadequate” statements by Undersecretary Dougnac on Covid-19’s deceased doctor

He tried to give lessons, which reaffirms the government’s sense of “abuse” and that questions and holds the doctor accountable for her own death; were some of the reviews received by Undersecretary of Healthcare Networks Alberto Dougnac, only on Twitter, during this Saturday’s broadcast of the pandemic balance sheet.
Today, the spokesmen of the Medical College, by Dr. Patricio Meza, vice president of the body, lamented the “unfortunate claims” of Undersecretary Dougnac.
“At a time when the medical community, health workers are going through many moments of extreme sadness, these words of the undersecretary make this feeling worse and make the medical community feel, once again, postponed. We hope you will retract his words, because they are unwelcome, inadequate and absolutely unnecessary,” Dr. Meza said in a statement.

The no longer-so-new Minsal official, who came to replace Arturo Zúñiga, was highly criticized for his zero empathy in saying that Dr. Carol Ortiz died of Covid because he “let his guard down.”
This is the second controversy that hits Dougnac’s management. Less than a week after taking office – on November 3rd – because of Arturo Zúñiga’s resignation, he had to deal with allegations of nurses who worked with him, in which he was accused of demeaning treatment of him. This prompted a reaction from the College of Nurses, which directly asked for his departure from office, which ultimately did not happen.
Days later, Dougnac fought back. He said that “all the accusations that have been made against me have no basis” and that “this arises from a labor problem that seeks other compensation.”

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