translated from Spanish: Tamara Pettinato was fired from Corta by Lozano and said: «TV has no heart»

Since 2018, Tamara Pettinato worked as a panelist for Corta por Lozano, the Program of Veronica Lozano that airs from Monday to Friday afternoons on Telefe. The last time Tamara aired from the studio was last Friday, October 23, and that same night she flew to the United States on vacation, on a scheduled trip. However throughout November the panelist did not participate in the cycle and days ago he added to the diego Ramos staff, who would remain as a permanent member of the program, even though Pettinato had a contract until the end of December. 

Today, the one who surprised to break the news was Tamara, who uploaded a photo to her Instagram account with her showmates and wrote, «I’m going to miss you guys! I would have liked to say goodbye differently, but Daddy told me since I was a girl: «TV has no heart. Don’t be surprised at all. We’ll see each other again.» Expressed. 

Consulted by Pronto Magazine, Tamara said: «My contract is not terminated and I have signed until December of this year inclusive. They’re kicking me out before I’m done. I’m on vacation and they called me in the middle of the trip to let me know I’m not coming back,» she said something angry. 

The panelist’s vacation spanned three weeks in the United States but then extended her trip a few more days, requiring a license on the TV show. «I don’t want to look like I disappeared overnight and without saying anything. People ask me all the time why I don’t come back and since no one explained anything on the air, I decided to make the post because I’m not a madwoman who went to America and didn’t come back. If I’m still here for a few more days, it’s precisely because I was disassociated from the program. It’s not like I came to live in America and besides there’s nothing weird, like in some notes I saw headlines like Tamara Pettinato’s strange journey. The truth is, I was about to come back to resume my work this week and they told me not to come back,» he concluded. 

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