translated from Spanish: Edomex breaks hospitalization record with 2,399 people admitted

The State of Mexico is close to returning to the red light by COVID-19, as this December 15th surpassed the record of hospitalizations reported so far in the epidemic, with 2,399 people in hospital.
According to the Edomex Ministry of Health, the highest record had occurred on 3 June when 2,284 hospitalizations were counted.
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The owner of the unit, Gabriel O’Shea Cuevas, explained that if we continue the contagion trend of recent weeks «you can have a scenario of general saturation in the care of COVID-19 in the entity», as several hospitals are already saturated.
«The most significant (hospitals) of the Institute of Health of the State of Mexico (ISEM) show occupancy figures above 90%, so the risk of the entity returning to red light is imminent if the population insists on not using cover covers, conducting social gatherings and leaving home,» he said.
The Edomex Ministry of Health called for solidarity with health personnel who nearly 10 months after the epidemic «are exhausted, but standing on the front line of attention to this new disease.»

Demands Edomex Health responsibility and solidarity from Mexichens
✅Informa that a new peak has been reached in the number of hospitalized with 2 thousand 399
✅ Authorities only one case of influenza in the entity during this season. More details👉
— Edoméx Health (@SaludEdomex) December 15, 2020

Meanwhile, the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, said that in the face of the uptick in cases and hospitalizations by COVID-19 measures were taken to reduce the mobility and saturation of spaces, in shops and squares of the state.

As of December 15, 114,775 people have become ill with COVID-19 in the Edomex since the epidemic began; 23 thousand 123 people are in home security.
There are also 15,455 people who have died of the disease in the state, according to health authorities.
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