translated from Spanish: Susy Shock: «The battle is won because they are not afraid now»

On a historic day for feminist and diversity movements, the artist, poet and renowned trans activist Susy Shock spoke with Filo.News and expressed he himself on the legalization of abortion in Argentina: «They will always count on us, the travas.» It is very horrific this world and I am relieved to be with the others,» Susy argued that with her militancy she accompanies the struggle for the legalization of the Voluntary Pregnancy Disruption (IVE) bill that is currently being debated in the Senate and promises to last at least several hours until wednesday morning.
The artist emphasized the need to put bodily as a key factor in the struggle and stressed the need to «stand from our bodies to discuss this world». On the historicality of the cause and militancy, Susy adds another reflection: «Our trans feminist actions gave us all the tools, we are the granddaughters, the daughters, the cousins of those who put it all together, they organized everything.» Always committed to reality and social movements aimed at expanding rights for minorities, the trans activist also spoke from the Mu Organization as part of the «Cultural Health Post» cycle.
From there he told his experience: «They were s stoping Merlene (Wayar) and me to ask ourselves what we were doing here. because some still wonder what a trava does asking for abortion. I always say that the first one we learned from was from Loana (Berkins). In the first marches of pride, Loana came out with the green handkerchief when many cis women did not come out, she was already wearing the green handkerchief.» To close, he said: «The battle is already won because les pibites now see posters where they say abortion and are not afraid.» 
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