translated from Spanish: Protests take out to the peasant defense council in El Rosario

El Rosario.- In search of strengthening the productive activity in Sinaloa, the Councils of the Front of Defense of Sinaloense Peasants and Producers are formed, this time the protest took place in El Rosario.Francisco Coronado Barajas, president of the Front de Defensa de Campesinos y Productores Sinaloenses in the state reported that the first municipality in which it began with the first take-off was in the municipality of El Rosario
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«The meeting in El Rosario was held with the aim of taking protest at the structure of the Council of the Council of the Defense Front of Sinaloense Peasants and Producers, this same activity will be replicated in the 18 municipalities of the state,» he explained.

Read more: Suspend festivities of the Sea of Las Cabras 2021 in EscuinapaCoronado Barajas mentioned that the purpose of taking protest of these tips is in order to create a solid structure and with union to fight together for the well-being of the different productive sectors in the state.» These work are being done to strengthen this organization, which aims to manage, advise to work and defend the rights of the peasant, farmers, fishermen, ranchers and forestry sectors throughout the state,» he said. He added that on Saturday the protest took place in Concordia and this Sunday will be in Villa Unión and in the days to come will be visited La Cruz and San Ignacio.Read more: Project 9 thousand hectares of irrigation for Concordia with aqueduct of the Picachos dam

Original source in Spanish

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