translated from Spanish: Starts covid-19 vaccination of older adults

Mexico City.-In the first week of covid-19 vaccination in older adults, only 4.97 percent of this population will be covered in Mexico City, estimated at 1.6 million people. From this Monday will begin the application of 79 thousand 550 doses of AztraZeneca that the Federation will allocate for people over 60 years of age in Cuajimalpa, Milpa Alta and Magdalena Contreras. The implementation of this first block is expected to be completed between 17 and 19 February.
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Read more: When do I get the Covid-19 vaccine according to my CDMX last name?» These mayoralties have been chosen because it is enough to cover all the older adults of these mayors, there will always be a percentage that decides not to be vaccinated, but we are orienting to the universal vaccination of all those who are 60 or older,» explained Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government.

For the rest of this elderly population in the remaining 13 demarcations, there is still no planned date, as it will be waited for the federal government to report it.
The other mayors will be briefed little by little as soon as we have all the information from the Government of Mexico, of the certainty of when the following vaccines arrive,» she added.

Maintaining the expected pace of at least 16,000 doses each day would take the Capital of the Country about 100 days, or more than 14 weeks or nearly 4 months, to inoculate all registered older adults. This means that the time limit for applying the second dose will start when the full coverage of the first dose is not yet completed, as older adults are expected to receive the second double dose of time after what WHO recommends, 8 to 12 weeks later; i.e. 56 to 84 days. According to the technical group for the application of vaccines in Mexico, it is accepted to be applied 21 to 42 days after the first. While the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that the interval be 21 to 28 days. The vaccination figures starting today showed discrepancies during the presentation of the capital government. Although the doses provided by the Federation are expected to be 79 thousand 550, Sheinbaum recognized that there are 83,000 older adults in the three mayoralties, meaning there are more people than doses. However, it guaranteed 97 percent coverage and minimized the difference.» We consider all older adults to be around 80,000 vaccines, although about 83,000 older adults are registered, they will all have access to the vaccine,» he said. Read more: «There are enough vaccines on the three mayoralties»:SheinbaumAunque the inoculation process lasts about 10 minutes, it is estimated that each person will make an average stay of two hours, since it is formed, injected, is under observation of reactions for 30 minutes and is withdrawn….. And they put together operational for vaccination
During the vaccination days of older adults in the CDMX, security elements of the Federation and the local government will protect the assigned units. The operation will involve 280 preventive policemen and also 160 officers of the Undersecretariat of Transit, with 70 patrols, which will be distributed in the 70 vaccination centers that were installed in Cuajimalpa, Magdalena Contreras and Milpa Alta.

«Police officers will strengthen surveillance in the vicinity of vaccination centres, to avoid criminal acts and disruption of public order, from the beginning to the end of activities,» the SSC reported. Since this Sunday, a drill was carried out at the points where the vaccines will be applied, to review the operation during the three days that the day will last. Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum added that it will not be the police, but public servants who are targeting outside vaccination sites who are approaching to ask for reports or channel to other vaccination centres.

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