translated from Spanish: AMLO reads the card to Sheinbaum and Pavlovich elections

Mexico.- Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed the content of the letter he sent to Sonoran Governor Claudia Pavlovich and Mexico City Chief of Government Claudia Sheinbaum, where he appears to «read the card», as he asks them to denounce and not participate in irregularities during the elections. At the Mañanera conference on February 23, in front of Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández, President López Obrador reported that he sent a letter to the governor of Sonora and the Head of Government of Mexico City.
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The «careful recommendation» to «establish true democracy» in Mexico involved making it aware of state executives that electoral crimes are already established in the Federal Criminal Code.Read more: Mexican celebrities right to participate amLOAsí elections as well as electoral institutes are more prepared (because they have more legal tools) to deal with and respond to complaints of electoral irregularities occurring in the country.

Those who violate citizens’ political freedoms are punishable by imprisonment and without the right to bail.

He later revealed how in his letter he acknowledges that democracy does not bring «abundance» however, it creates a balance in society and does not allow minorities to take over wealth.» I urge you not to intervene to support any candidate of any party, not to allow the use of the public budget for electoral purposes, to denounce the delivery of money from organized crime or white-collar crime to finance campaigns, to prevent the purchase of loyalties or consciences, not to traffic in the poverty of people , not to overlap with cheaters or electoral raccoons to avoid hauling, ballot box filling, forgery of minutes and all those abominable illegal and undemocratic practices that must remain in the past definitively», read the President of Mexico of the letter he sent to Claudia Pavlovich and Claudia Sheinbaum.Andrés Manuel López Obrador finally quoted Francis I. Madero , for during the revolutionary period in Mexico, he stated that governors should not participate in the elections, nor show support for one candidate or another. Elections in Mexico 
On June 6, the election of public officials of different level will take place throughout the Mexican Republic. Prior to this date, periods are established for electoral campaigns and that through them candidates can be announced, under certain conditions, to the population. These are the first national elections to be faced by Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who came to power as an opposition candidate for the political parties that ruled the country for decades. Therefore, the elections of this 2021 are of unprecedented importance, as citizens in general, as well as politicians and academics, will be observers, and thus know if the Morena political party, which took the president to his post, will carry out the same acts of corruption and fraud as the other parties that have already been in power. Allegations against Claudia Pavlovich
Claudia Pavlovich is the governor of the state of Sonora and president of the Conago, it is a policy that they also militate in the Institutional Revolutionary Party, opposition to the party of the president of Mexico.Read more: INE enlists strategy to avoid contagion of Covid-19 during electionsThe PRI, as well as the party of the governor of Sonora, was denounced multiple times by the purchase of votes and various electoral frauds in multiple elections and this year , prior to the start of the election campaign, the accusations have already begun. Morena’s candidate for the governor of Sonora and former puppet of the Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection, Alfonso Durazo stated during the first days of January that officials of Claudia Pavlovich’s government would meddle in the elections.

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