translated from Spanish: More than 6,500 immigrant workers died in Qatar on the works for the 2022 World Cup

Since Qatar won the organization rights to the FIFA World Cup on December 2, 2010, seven new stadiums, a new airport, roads, public transport systems and hotels were built for the proper development of the major football cup. However, the British mediaman The Guardian made a report that, from 2010 to the day, more than 6,500 immigrant workers died working on the above-mentioned projects.

This data was extracted from the reports of each of the countries where the bulk of the deceased come. India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka revealed that there were 5,927 worker deaths from 2011 to 2020, while Pakistan’s embassy in Qatar reported another 824. While the figure is thought to be higher, as reports from countries such as the Philippines and Kenya are unknown, on average a total of twelve workers have died per week since 2010.In turn, the newspaper’s report details that most of these deaths were caused by «natural causes» such as heart failure or acute respiratory failure , but that such labels are made without prior autopsy or legitimate medical explanations. While there are entities calling for clarification of the situation, in the article, a spokesman for the Qatari Government stated: «The mortality rate among these communities is within the range expected by the size and demographics of the population. However, every life lost is a tragedy and no effort is spared to try to prevent every death in our country.»

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