translated from Spanish: Femicide in the center of Villa La Angostura, increased electric power rate, Campazzo attendance in Top 5 NBA, Tiger Woods boarding school and more…

1. Public Vaccination Monitor: the board of vaccines that were applied in the country

Following the “VIP vaccination” scandal for officials and close friends, the Ministry of Health seeks to give transparency to the system. I kept reading here… 2. Femicide: A young woman was murdered in the heart of Villa La Angostura

Guadalupe Curual was 21 years old and a mother of a one-year-old baby. Her ex-partner chased her, intercepted her and attacked her in front of tourists walking around the area. I kept reading here… 3. Verbitsky applied for leave at CELS following scandal over irregular vaccination

“The Board of Directors decided that a transition in the organization’s forms of government will start in the coming weeks,” they announced from CELS. I kept reading here… 4. Electricity rate for industries and retailers increases by more than 50%

The regulations of the Ministry of Energy do not reach residential users or SMEs. I kept reading here… 5. For Quirós, the vaccine scandal “severely damages the campaign”

The Minister of Health conducts the pandemic with “transparency and empathy.” What he said about the complaint against the Government of Buenos Aires for “privatized” vaccination. I kept reading here… 6. From now on, to take out the driver’s license you will have to take a course with a gender perspective

The Ministry of Transport approved the “Practical Guide to Communication with Gender Sensitivity of Transport”. The measure has national scope. I kept reading here… 7. Campazzo made a back assist that was chosen in the NBA Top 5

In Denver Nuggets’ victory over the Portland Trail Blazers 116-111, the Argentine played 27 minutes and gave away an acrobatic assist. I kept reading here… 8. Tiger Woods was admitted after a serious incident with his car

The accident occurred in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Los Angeles. I kept reading here… 9. Jorge Rial and Jonatan Viale starred in a strong cross in social media

Journalists exchanged messages after the debut of Mauro Viale’s son in La Nación and Mauro Viale thanked him for the freedom he currently works with. I kept reading here… 10. Romantic Coti Sorokin with Cande Tinelli: “I’ve already written him a lot of songs”

The singer did not want to give details of his relationship, but confessed that Lelé was his muse for various subjects. I kept reading here…

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